BLC Law Office has teamed up with global law firm Simmons & Simmons to promote clean energy projects in Georgia!

The demand for renewable energy is rising across the globe but the pace of change in this sector has led to a complex and rapidly evolving legal and regulatory environment. Simmons & Simmons’ Clean Energy Tool is uniquely designed to provide the reliable information and advice developers and investors need to make informed decisions.  It provides trustworthy, consistent, and easily accessible information to answer the most important questions developers and investors have as they navigate this dynamic space. The tool contains information that is comparable across jurisdictions in Q&A format spanning six categories (grid, revenue, land and permits, structuring & finance, disputes and hydrogen) with over 160 questions.

The tool covers over 40 jurisdictions,  including Georgia. BLC Law Office is honoured to be the only Georgian law firm supporting the Clean Energy Tool. 

Our knowledge and expertise together with that of Simmons & Simmons will be beneficial for potential investors or developers who are considering investment opportunities in renewable energy projects in Georgia. It can also help investors stay abreast of legal, regulatory and market developments relevant to maintaining existing investments.

Learn more about Simmons & Simmons Clean Energy Tool and request a demo and/or free trial .

For more information, please contact Lasha Uplisashvili, Partner of BLC Law Office in charge of energy law practice.