We are happy to announce promotion of Rusudan Tchkuaseli as a partner at BLC Law Office!

We close the year with the news that is near and dear to everyone at BLC. It is our great pleasure to officially announce that Rusudan (Rusa) Tchkuaseli will join the partnership as of 1 January 2023. Rusa was recruited in 2009 as a Paralegal and was gradually promoted to the position of Legal Director in 2020. Throughout her career, she worked on groundbreaking matters that shaped and continue to shape BLC’s position on the market, as well as the development of the legal profession, at large.  

Every step of the way, Rusa demonstrated exceptional zeal to develop and grow professionally, exemplary commitment to the firm, and the belief that we are as strong as our ability to appreciate one another. Her promotion is yet another demonstration of BLC’s culture: talent is always acknowledged and valued, work ethics is highly respected and loyalty matters more than anything. 

Rusa will head the arbitration practice at BLC. She will also continue to be involved in large corporate matters and M&As. 

On behalf of all partners of BLC, Rusa, welcome aboard at the steering wheel of the firm that we all love and hope to advance even more. It is just the beginning and greater things lay ahead of us!