Web Conference - “Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Its Legal Impact Analysis”

Web Conference - “Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Its Legal Impact Analysis” was organized by associates of BLC Law Office, Nino Sesitashvili and Rusudan Khazaradze on Friday, April 10. The conference was held for the members of the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Georgia. The speakers discussed the subsequent topics:
- The general overview of Decree No. 181 of the Government of Georgia of March 23, 2020
- Work Safety Issues
- Labor relations and Covid-19
- Force-majeure under the state of emergency
- Specific restrictions relevant for the activities of the CCIFG
The presentation was followed by Q&A session.
For more detailed information, please see the links below:
Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Its Legal Impact on Businesses: